Win This FELT Red Baron Bike!!!

All proceeds from this raffle go to supporting Hope Ride!
Winner will be drawn on Satuday, December 16th, 2017.

1 for $10
3 for $20

From HOPE RIDE's David Crabtree.

I am a local church pastor… and an avid cyclist. I connect my passion for missions with my passion for the bike. To that end, I founded Hope Ride in 2011. This is my sixth Hope Ride, the latest in over a decade of endurance events to help fund missions projects in southern Africa. What started as a little group ride with friends has grown into a year-round training cycle serving a cause that never ceases to inspire. I ride for kids – for clean water – for missionary outreach – for hope.

Hope Ride partners with Reaching a Generation, a South Africa-based ministry that focuses on the needs of children. In addition to missionary outreach, Reaching a Generation operates a state-of-the-art water drilling rig to help meet one of the greatest needs of the region. Because of Hope Ride, Sunday School teams are carried up the Zambesi on pontoon boats for children’s outreach, a base has been established where Christian efforts had been abandoned, and church planters are being trained for a long term presence in Zambia. Hope Ride 2017 will cover more than 600 miles and cross three nations from Mokopone, South Africa, to our western Zambesi River base in Zambia. The ride crosses wild Africa where elephants, ostriches, warthogs, baboons and jackals create an unforgettable backdrop for cycling.

This year I will be joined by three training partners. We share a singular passion: to bring life, hope and clean water to the children of western Zambia. We will be supported by follow vehicles and helped by sponsors. You can help too.

Check out the video and visit our giving site. Bookmark our blog - we will be updating daily during the ride. David Crabtree serves as Lead Pastor of Calvary Church, an Assemblies of God Fellowship in Greensboro, NC.