Bike Service / Repair

Note: All prices below are labor only, additional costs for materials and parts will be applied

E3 Shop Prices

Front OR Rear derailleur adjustment

We will adjust your derailleur so that gear shifting is precise and quick
Price: $10

Standard tune up

This includes cleaning the whole bike, adjusting the breaks and derailleurs, as well as anything else that might need attention
Price: $40

Adjust rear OR front brake

We can adjust either brake to ensure that it is working safely while also not slowing you down
Price: $10

Flat repair

This includes installing a new tube on either a front or back wheel
Price: $5

Replace brake pads

We can remove your old brake pads, and install new ones properly
Price: $10

Replace housing and cable and adjust

This includes installing a new brake/shifting cable and housing, and adjusting it so that it works properly
Price: $15

Replace cable and adjust

This includes replacing a brake/shifter cable and adjusting it so that it functions properly
Price: $15

Install shifters

Any mechanical or bar end style shifters can be installed and adjusted properly
Price: $50

Install derailleur

This includes installing a new derailleur and adjusting it so that if works correctly
Price: $20

Basic wheel true

If you have a wheel with a slight hop or wobble in it, we can true it out.
Price: $10

Box a bike for shipping

We will break down your bike to be shipped, and in the process mark everything precisely so that your bike can be re-assembled exactly the same
Price: $30

Rent a bike box (1st week)

You can rent a rigid, airline approved bike box for any destination race
Price: $30

Install chain

We can remove the existing chain, and install a new one on your bike
Price: $5

Install/remove pedals

If you have a set of old pedals that just won’t come off, we can remove them for you, or install new pedals
Price: $5

Install cassette

We can install a new cassette on your bike, or swap your cassette to a set or race wheels
Price: $5

Install headset

This includes installing a new headset on your bike
Price: $15

Install clip-on aero bars

Safely attaching clip-on aero-bars for race day
Price: $20

Install computer

Either wired or wireless bike computers can be installed and programmed to your tire size
Price: $10

Install Bar tape

We can remove your old bar tape, and install new bar tape
Price: $10

Pre race tune up

This includes giving the bike a quick clean, lubricating the drive train, fine tune adjusting the brakes and gears, as well as checking over the rest of the bike to make sure it is race ready
Price: $25

E3 is a USAT Certified Performance Center.
Coach Matt is a certified coach with USA Triathlon, USA Cycling,
USA Swimming, USA Track & Field, and Retul Bike Fit Technology.

Matthew Clancy, M.S. - E3: Endurance Owner/Head Coach

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