Road Cycling Performance
We have fit road cyclists at every level in the sport!  Beginners to UCI pro tour cyclists, let E3 Endurance make you more powerful, more comfortable and more sustainable.  

We fit cyclists to "their" perfect position based on their physical strengths and limitations, their experience and their goals!

Let our 17 years of experience and professionalism change the way you feel on, and off, of the bike!

                   Cost: $275

MTB'ers get fit, too!
Just because MTB'ers ride on and off the saddle, doesn't mean they can't benefit tremendously with proper positioning on the bike.
Bike Measurements
After each fit, we measure your bike set-up so that if you make any changes to equipment, we know exactly where your perfect position is.
Body Position is Key!
The body functions more powerfully, efficiently, and effectively when positioned correctly. 
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