Performance & Recovery Products for the ever-enduring and improving athlete.  These products are designed for athletes to GO faster, further and with greater ease.  All products are environmentally conscious, developed and manufactured in the USA; GREENsboro, North Carolina!
  1. Anti-Chafing Cream with Magnesium
  2. Anti-Fog Lens Treatment, Silicon Chain Lube, Citrus Degreaser, Bike Polish
  3. Performance and Recovery Bath Bombs with Magnesium
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  5. Magnesium Cream
Go With Green
Our products are infused with Magnesium!

Magnesium is a vital mineral needed for the body to complete 400+ functions from preventing muscle cramps to digesting

Oils and creams are key because topical application is 85-90% absorbed, utilized almost immediately and bypasses the digestive track.

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