Graeme Hampton, Ph.D.

Certifications: Ph.D., USA Cycling Level II certification

His simple coaching mantra: “Ride strong, ride safe…”

Graeme's philosophy is to work with athletes to help them achieve their goal(s) and have fun doing so.

Athletes can achieve your goals faster, better, and easier by combining their experience, fitness,
and philosophy with his skills and expertise as a bike coach.

Graeme brings a lot to the table for his athletes:
  • Lifelong experience as an endurance cyclist, runner and triathlete
  • Formal, continuing education in the science, technology and rewards of cycling. 
  • A Ph.D. in chemistry, which Graeme applies to his understanding of biological functions, needs,
        and abilities of the human body
  • Everything he's learned from all the coaches in his lifetime

"Successful biking is not just about fitness and increasing fitness. Progressive Overload + Sufficient Recovery = Increased Fitness. That would be too easy. Today’s technology now allows me, as a coach, to measure your fitness, fatigue, and freshness. It allows me to help you accurately taper for maximum performance in an event.

But fitness isn’t everything. To ride strong and to ride safely, there’s more involved. With a Bike Assessment we can determine your cycling skills (climbing, descending, cornering, U-turning, riding in a group), race strategies and motivation."

Contact Coach Graeme for an assessment or with questions.
Phone: 336-202-2562

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