Youth Tri 7.03 Series

The Greensboro Youth Tri 7.03 Series is a three race series for the promotion and development of youth and junior triathletes. Ages 5 to 15 are welcome and encouraged to participate. These three sanctioned youth/junior races that are based on USA Triathlon’s recommended youth/junior distances per age group.

Race Distances:

Age Swim Bike Run
13-15 yr old + Relay 300 Meter 3 Loops (5.2 miles) 3 Loops (1.8 miles)
11-12 yr old 200 Meter 2 Loops (3.4 miles) 2 Loops (1.2 miles)
9-10 yr old 100 Meter 2 Loops (3.4 miles) 1 Loop (0.62 miles)
7-8 yr old 50 Meter 1 Loop (1.7 miles) 1 Loop (0.62)
5-6 yr old 25 Meter 1 Loop (1.7 miles) 1 Loop (0.62 miles)


Athlete Development: All races will be preceded by 4 weeks of triathlon training by E3:Endurance's Youth & Junior Certified Coach, Matthew Clancy. All participants will learn the fundamentals of swimming, cycling, and running for triathlon, while learning transitioning, pacing, and race strategies. 


  • June 11, 2017
  • July 1, 2017
  • August 13, 2017


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  • Age Group Wave Starts. 13-15yr old & Relays will be the first wave. 5-6yr will be last wave.
  • There will be plenty of water safety support in the water. If you feel like you need assistance during the swim, roll over on your back and raise your arm in the air.


2K (Loop - 1.7 Miles)


  • Hard shell helmets must be worn and fastened before leaving the transition area.
  • Stay to the right to allow faster cyclists to pass on the left.
  • There will be vehicle traffic on the bike course. Be careful and stay to the right!
  • No headphones, earphones or any radio-type devices will be allowed
  • There are plenty of volunteers but it is ultimately your responsibility to know the course.
  • This is a 1, 2 or 3 loop bike course on smooth residential roads. The course is rolling hills.
  • Bike support will be provided before the race for pre-race assistance if necessary.


1K (Loop - .62 Miles)


  • Run course map is located in packet.
  • The 1 K (.62mile) course will is an out and back course. The course will be well marked. There will be directional signs at every turn on the run course. Look for these directional signs. There are chalk arrows on the course. Simple rule of thumb: If you don’t see one of these directional signs – keep going straight.
  • Aid stations will be located at the beginning of the run, at the turn around.
  • No headphones, earphones or any radio-type devices will be allowed.
  • You must have your run number visible on the front of your body, as you cross the finish line. Failure to do so will result in a two minute penalty.

Relay Teams: Swimmers will exchange chip straps with bikers at their designated bike rack location in the transition area. _ Bikers will exchange chip straps runners at the same location – your designated bike rack location in the transition area. All relays will swim the distance of the longest course or the 13-15year old division distances.


Refund Policy

No refunds, all registrations are final.

E3 is a USAT Certified Performance Center.
Coach Matt is a certified coach with USA Triathlon, USA Cycling,
USA Swimming, USA Track & Field, and Retul Bike Fit Technology.

Matthew Clancy, M.S. - E3: Endurance Owner/Head Coach

21-A Oak Branch Drive
Greensboro, NC 27407

(336) 543-8771

Mon-Fri 9am - 8pm
Sat and Sun 7am - 5pm