Saturday Brick Training

E3 Endurance puts together training bricks for any/all who have an upcoming half ironman or ironman. All levels are welcome and encouraged to join. If you would like to share this with anyone, please feel free. If anyone wants to join for just one or two of the three sports, that is great, too!

TRI BIKES are welcome and encouraged. Race Wheels are welcome and encouraged. Aero Helmets…well…you make that call! :) Please bring your bikes in ready/working condition.

What: E3 Ironman Training Brick
Where: PINETOP Sport Club (3723 Pinetop Road, Greensboro, NC)
When: Saturday Mornings During The Summer Months
Why: Half and Full three sport brick to prep for race day, distance and fueling
How: By training and suffering with like minded individuals to support and push you beyond your “limits.”

Cost: $20

Swim - We will swim 2000-3000m in the Pinetop Swimming Pool. This will be an “Open Water” Swim with no lane lines to help prep for choppy water.
Bike – Bike course will be a 56mile out-n-back course from/to Pinetop Sport Club. Half Ironman athletes can complete 1 lap. Ironman athletes are encouraged to complete 2 laps. This is an unmarked/unsupported ride. You will need to carry any/all fuel for your loop(s).
Run – Residential 4-8 Mile route through the neighborhood. Again this is unsupported run course. You will need to carry your fuel.

*E3 will be providing a Tent & Water and will have GU & NBS hydration for purchase at discounted rates.

Please email me at or text me at (336) 543-8771 if you are planning to attend.