Saturday Group Rides

E3 Group Ride PhotoIt's 75 and Sunny every Saturday at E3 Endurance!!!

If you want to get a 3 Hour Ride's worth of work in half the time and in a fraction of the stress of layering and riding in frigid temps, come and become a better cyclist at E3! We will have the following ride schedule for many Saturday mornings throughout the next 4-5 months.

8:00AM (25-30miles) - 5 Spots Remain for this Saturday

10:00AM (25-30miles) - 7 Spots Remain for this Saturday

$15 per Spot

E3 Endurance's Indoor Compu-Trainer rides feature 8 Compu-trainer stations where cyclists bring and ride their own bikes. Each rider has a virtual avatar on the TV monitors pedaling against the other riders.

  • Riders can experiencing drafting during the ride similar to real road group riding.
  • Any elevation gain on the course requires riders to shift just like outside
  • Course will be mild rolling hills with a few short climbs
  • Riders can see the following metrics (Speed, Power, Avg Power, Cadence, HR) in realtime during the entire ride
  • Each rider will have their ride performance saved and sent to them via email
  • Group rides are lead by professional cycling/power based coaches Matthew Clancy or Graeme Hampton
  • Riders are welcome to utilize the locker room and shower facilities of The Club at Oak Branch before and after their ride

If you like riding in bibs and a jersey during the winter and are interested in riding with E3 Endurance during these cold months, please email Coach Matthew Clancy at or (336) 543-8771