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Why Choose E3

E3, Matt Coaching CyclingThere are many endurance sports coaches and coaching out there. How is E3 any different? The answer: In many ways.
We are not simply athletes who coach on the side, we are professional coaches who coach athletes. We believe in having great knowledge to help our clients and thus, hold a higher education degree in sport-specific fields. We have multiple, upper-level certifications from every relevant organizations. We have extensive knowledge about physiology, bio-mechanics, training theory, and psychology. We utilize metrics and data to assess, test and steer athletic performance. We have the desire, the experience and the ability to work with any and all persons, group, or teams in the endurance sports realm.


The core of E3’s business is assisting athletes with their individual training and racing goals. Our athletes go through complete assessment prior to starting a training program. Improving bio-mechanics and movement is the start for most beginner to intermediate athletes. We also deliver simple and accurate fitness testing (VO2 Max, Blood Lactate, Resting Metabolic Rate, and Function Threshold Power) to assess our athletes’ current abilities so we can best prescribe proper training protocols. This data is used for the foundation of our customized training programs to truly meet the needs of our athletes.


E3 works with existing teams that are looking for professional coaching, proper direction and tailored training programs. We have worked with teams such as Yale University Triathlon Team, UNC-Greensboro Swim Team, Victory Junction Multi-Sport Team, Team In Training Marathon & Triathlon Programs and Canterbury Swim Team.
We can help assess your teams current fitness and bio-mechanics and then tailor a proper training program designed for your specific team races or events.


E3 Endurance can change the way businesses do business by inspiring a work force to become more educated, more fit, and have more fun with these services:

  • Fitness Consulting
  • Metabolic Testing
  • Physiological & Fitness Assessments
  • Individual & Group Training Programs
  • Proper Training Protocols
  • Event Based Team Training

Personal Coaching Program

Hourly Consultation
Video Analysis (Bike/Run Coaching)
Video Analysis (Swim Coaching)
E2 Level Coaching
E3 Level Coaching

E3 is a USAT Certified Performance Center.
Coach Matt is a certified coach with USA Triathlon, USA Cycling,
USA Swimming, USA Track & Field, and Retul Bike Fit Technology.

Matthew Clancy, M.S. - E3: Endurance Owner/Head Coach

21-A Oak Branch Drive
Greensboro, NC 27407

(336) 543-8771

Mon-Fri 9am - 8pm
Sat and Sun 7am - 5pm