Service Center
  1. Professional & Custom Bike Builds
    At E3 Endurance, we believe that the bike should be built around the rider's dimensions, not the other way around. We help athletes determine proper size frame and geometries that will allow them the best position and performance. We will also build the bikes with the best products for their budget.
  2. Wheel Truing
    Wheels with a slight wobble or hop can be trued. Price: $10/wheel
  3. Bike Overhaul
    This major- tune-up includes taking the bike apart, cleaning each piece, and then reassembling the pieces while adjusting them for a proper fit. Price: $75 - $150
  4. Flat Tire/Tube Change
    The old tube will be removed and the new tube will be installed. Price: $5/tire
  5. Bike Tune Up
    This tune-up includes cleaning the whole bike, adjusting the breaks and derailleurs, as well as fixing anything else that might need attention. Price: $40
  6. Bike Box Rental
    Bike boxes are available to rent on a weekly basis. They are rigid and airline-approved so you are ready for any destination race. Price: $30/first week
  7. Minor Adjustments
    These adjustments include replacing and adjusting cables or brake pads; adjusting derailleurs or brakes; and installing bar tape, bike computers, clip-on aerobars, headsets, casettes, pedals, chains, shifters,or derailleurs. Prices range from $5-50.