Retul Bike Fitting


Retail Bike Fitting

Who benefits from a professional bike fit?

Anyone who is uncomfortable on their bike, or experiences any pain after riding for long durations or high intensities. If you have bought a bike at your local bike shop, eBay, craigslist or from a friend and were never fitted professionally, you definitely should consider improving your comfort, output, endurance and enjoyment of riding a bike by having a professional bike fitter help put you in the best position for you.

Retül Fitting Process

At E3 Endurance, we utilize Retü 3-D Dynamic bike fitting system to compliment our 15 years of bike fitting expertise. Each athlete will be taken through a physical assessment to address strengths and limitations of movement and positions. Cyclists will also be interviewed as to their history and goals for the bike fitting prior to being fit.

Fitting Experience

Our fit professional, Matthew Clancy, has over 15 years experience fitting cyclists from beginners to professionals. He began his fit process by doing professional bike builds to match a rider’s geometry. In 2012, he flew to Italy to learn about the process of custom bike building and how that translates to optimal output for riders. The result of that was the onset of the CUBO3 custom handmade Italian bike line. In 2014, he worked at the Los Angeles Velodrome testing rider aerodynamics and positioning.

Certified Retül Bike Fitter

Matthew Clancy is the top Retül Certified bike fitters in North Carolina and one of the top ten Retül fitters in the nation. He has special certifications in Advanced Motion Capture, Positioned for Speed, and UCI/Triathlon Fittings.

Retül 3D Bike Fitting Certifications

  • Certified Retül Fitter
  • Advanced Motion Capture Analysis
  • Positioned for Speed
  • UCI TT/Triathlon Certified
RetÜl 3D Motion Capture (Road/MTB)
RetÜl/AeroEdge Aerodynamic Bike Fit


For a list of bicycle and cyclist measurement definitions, select a file below to view details. 

Bicycle Measurement Definitions, E3 at the Club, Greensboro, NC
Cyclist Measurement Definitions, E3 at the Club, Greensboro, NC